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New geophysics? Or bad geophysics? How to not be fooled.

New geophysics? Or bad geophysics? How to not be fooled.

Misguided scientists erroneously think they have found ways to bend or ignore scientific principles, and in some cases unscrupulous tricksters are willing to sell a bogus product to an exploration market desperate for competitive advantage.

Geophysics thrives on innovation. New science should be actively encouraged. But many millions of exploration dollars are wasted, and much damage is done to the business of exploration and the reputation of geophysics, by ineffective or bogus techniques. This document was created to give some guidelines to geologists interested in innovative methods, but wary of wasting money conducting useless surveys and drilling holes in the wrong places.

Hallmarks of voodoo geophysics

There are six factors that can be used to analyze a suspect system (adapted from Hodges, 20051). The better these factors fit, the more concerned one should be that the geophysics is not valid. No single parameter described below proves that a system should not be trusted, but the more it matches any of these parameters, the more cautious one should be…

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